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A Cardano NFT Game


On a beautiful island in the Adalantica archipelago you'll find the ADAZOO. The zoo is known by the island's inhabitants as a fun and cool place to visit with family and friends.

A few weeks back something went wrong, the animals started behaving strangely and they escaped! If you wander over there you'll probably encounter them.. so be prepared!


Pre Launch

Social community engagement Launch new website Level & character design Cardano NFT Integration Testing

Token sale

Launch token sale Early game access (only ANIMAL holders) Realtime in-game stats on our website Escrow service (Discord)


Game access for everyone (XP Reset) Capture wild ANIMALS Earn income from players on your land Track valuable land

Phase 1

Escrow through website/marketplace Bully other players in the wild Show off your skills in Tournaments Community & Tournament Leaderboards

Phase 2

New and exciting islands Story mode: What did happen here?